Growing your business and standing out from your competition is always so difficult. The market is changing, customers’ demands are changing, and it is hard to know what the next step should be in your winning strategy. Because a tie is not enough, you’re in it to win it! Life Smoothies offers you a healthy alternative that will grow your business and allow you to stand out from your competitors: selling fruit and vegetable smoothies! An option that will improve your menus by adapting them to your customers’ most demanding requests, where they will be left with a great image of your business and remember it forever. Easy, fast and no high cost.

Want to know all its advantages?


The demand for smoothies: on the rise

If we take a look at the studies carried out on the consumption of this type of product, we see that it has increased by 120% in recent years. This is a very positive sign that this is a growing trend that will continue to grow over the coming years. But why is that?

Smoothies offer all the advantages of fast food products: they are quick to drink, taste great, are refreshing and can be taken away. This is why they have become the perfect substitutes for other traditional drinks, as customers view them as a healthy product containing extra nutrition from fruits and vegetables for a balanced diet. Life Smoothies also offers you many different combinations, so the customer will be able to choose which drink best fits their preferences: with more sources of vitamins, a more exotic or more traditional taste…

If you’re looking to treat your customers to a service that addresses their needs and concerns, you’ve come to the right place. By selling smoothies you will not only increase your income, but also gain the loyalty of your current customers and attract future ones. So, introducing it to your business is sure to be a hit!


smothies will grow your business

Healthy living concerns will make them choose your business over the competition’s.

Today, there is increasing concern over healthy living habits. Customers know that eating a balanced diet is key to a good quality of life, and so they are becoming more demanding about what and when they eat and drink in their daily lives. This healthy trend also influences the flavour and texture criteria of consumers: they want less sugary, more natural, exotic flavours so they can recognise the flavour of the ingredients.

At Life Smoothies we offer you an alternative that is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, with no added sugar, colourants or preservatives. So, it will be very hard for your customers to resist such a delicious and healthy flavour!

Additionally, the vegan and vegetarian community is growing, but very few places have food that is suitable. In other words, there is a very large potential audience waiting for their demands to be met!

So, in a world full of processed and sugary foods, your business will become the first choice for all these consumers, as they will be able to enjoy their free time and no longer have to worry about their health.


Great to take away

Fast-paced life and productivity = need for a quick snack to recharge your batteries. What if it can be healthy and benefit your health? Much better!

Smoothies are drinks that are ideal to take away, so they will become your customers’ perfect ally throughout the day: on the way to work, on a coffee break, walking with friends, shopping…

A 100% natural fruit and vegetable drink that will give them an energy boost to continue with their tasks without losing time and at a very tempting price.

With this system in your business, you will also get more free space to serve other customers, thereby increasing the scope of your brand and your profits. What more could you want?


Quick to make and zero waste, perfect to improve your CSR.

One of the main advantages of Life Smoothies is that we give you all the ingredients prepared in the right measure for each smoothie. You won’t have to waste time washing or preparing the fruit, and you’ll have it available all year round just by opening your freezer.

Also, thanks to being packed in individual bags, you’ll avoid any kind of waste by having the exact amount of ingredients. So, you will be doing your bit for the environment and improving the CSR of your company!

Other advantages of the Life Smoothies system are related to time:  it only takes 30 seconds to prepare your customer’s drink! A very competitive advantage that will make your customer leave the store happy for having enjoyed just what they needed and without having to wait. All you have to do is open one of the bags with prepared fruits, add 250ml of juice and put it in a blender. Simple and effective!


stand out from your competitors

Stand out from your competition!

Life Smoothies will undoubtedly be your greatest ally to help you grow your business and stand out from your competitors.

They are a healthy, quick and easy-to-prepare alternative that adapts perfectly to customers’ demanding needs and to your business goals.

We also offer you marketing tools that will help you to promote your new products: totally free of charge and that will make everyone who passes by your door decide to come in!

We also know that really knowing a product before selling it is very important.  That’s why Life Smoothies offers you free samples so you can try them before selling them.


Need more information about this healthy alternative that will help you grow your business? View our brochure, where we explain everything about this healthy drink and why Life Smoothies is a leading company in the sector.

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