There are many benefits of working with Life Smoothies – many businesses in the hospitality sector already enjoy them. Discover them!


Life Smoothies is one of the leading companies in the smoothie sector. More than 200 customers in the United Arab Emirates and around 300 in the Middle East trust and value our products and services. The product is profitable, and offers many benefits that contribute to the success of cafes, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, gyms, catering companies and food trucks who decide to create a space for our product on their menus.


Key benefits of working with Life Smoothies include; the quality of our product, attractive profit margins, valuable marketing tools, guarantee of working with a leader in the food industry, tailored customer service and operational simplicity, to name a few. There are many reasons to entrust your smoothie operations to Life Smoothies which we will share in this post. If you are a professional in the hospitality sector, don’t overlook this exciting, and profitable product, that presents not only a good business opportunity, but also to offer your customers a delicious and healthy beverage, that will keep them happy and coming back for more.


Increase your profit margins

Business comes first. Our customers are satisfied because our product and marketing solution generate great turnover, helping them achieve their budget goals. In this link you can see an example of different profit margins based on prices. Our experts have studied and calculated the formulas for our products to be profitable and now you can benefit from this as well. We also have different price points for customers with high sales volumes.


Healthy, high quality product

Our smoothies are 100% natural, with no added sugar, no colourants  or preservatives. The fruits and vegetables – always of the best quality – are harvested and frozen when they are perfectly ripe, maintaining all their properties and nutrients at all times. We never dilute our smoothies with water or ice, and we do not use cheaper purées or concentrates of cooked fruits.  Our smoothies simply contain whole fruit pieces. Hence each smoothie blended has a spectacular taste and texture.


Very easy to prepare

Another secret of Life Smoothies’ product is how easy it is to prepare. The fruit is pre- washed, peeled, cut and perfectly mixed and packaged in individual portions. Simply add one of our sachets, 250ml apple, to a blender and blend for 30 seconds. In three simple steps you will have a perfect result, as we already mentioned in another post on our blog. Take note!

Zero waste

Our combinations of fruits and vegetables are perfectly calculated so that with each portion you get a great tasting smoothie of an ideal texture and the perfect serving size of around 14oz.  As you don’t have to cut or peel and keep fresh fruit on hand,  waste is 0%.  You blend only what your customer orders, and your stock has a 24month shelf life in the freezer.

We help you sell!

Not only do we supply the product, but we also help you sell it to the end consumer. At Life Smoothies we offer our important customers marketing tools to give greater visibility to our smoothies at the point of sale. Attractive menus, posters… You can see more information in the next link.


Available all-year round

With Life Smoothies you can enjoy fresh and seasonal fruit smoothies no matter what the season – due to the fact that fruit is harvested when perfectly ripe and flash-frozen within 24 hours of harvesting – bringing a fresher, more delicious tasting smoothie to your customers throughout the year.

Customer service: one of our pillars

Our customers are our best guarantee. Our philosophy is to take care of them and help them improve their sales. So, in addition to the free marketing tools that we offer, we also have easy and fast delivery service.


Want to try our smoothies? It’s on us!

We know that before selling a product to your customers you need to try it. So, Life Smoothies offers you free samples. Call us on +971 04 583 2157 or write us an email to [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help you!

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Life Smoothies offers many benefits to businesses in the hospitality sector: profit margins, flavour, marketing tools.