Healthy breakfast offers a person many benefits like, improved concentration, better mental and physical performance and the strength that is highly required to partake in physical activities. To begin your day in a right way it becomes necessary to get that extra nutrition required by the body to stay energetic the whole day.

Starting your day with a delicious smoothie seems to be the best option in this case. Making a smoothie though appears to be an easy task but in actual can either be a nutritious start or can give a sugar surge leaving you hungry after just 15-20 minutes depending upon the ingredients that have been used. Therefore, it becomes important to follow some guidelines in order to make these smoothies more effective in terms of healthy weight management.

One small trick that is beneficial in keeping your body satisfied and at peak performance is to add right amount and right kind of fats, carbohydrates and fiber. Also to never get bored with these smoothies, it is essential to be more creative with the combinations of nutrient rich ingredients. Here is the list of some wonderful combinations of healthy smoothies that are fun experimenting with –

  • Classic Green Smoothie
  • Papaya Mango Smoothie
  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie
  • Coconut Pineapple Smoothie
  • Raspberry Banana Smoothie

As with any smoothie you make, there are endless options of ingredients that you can combine. With the right blend of ingredients, this healthy and delicious breakfast drink can prove to be a nutritional powerhouse. Try making one with your favourite ingredients and experience the tremendous benefits that it offers on your journey to a better health.