Cinema Smoothies

If you’re the kind of person who orders popcorn and a fizzy drink every time you go to the cinema, you might be a little tired of always having the same menu and the same sugary drinks. To enjoy your film just as much but with a healthier option, we suggest a smoothie.

Maybe you haven’t seen this option in any cinema you’ve been to before and you may think that it’s only possible if you bring it from home. Well, you’re wrong. If you’re in Dubai, there are cinemas where you can watch a film with one of our tasty smoothies.

Reel Cinemas

Reel Cinemas has up to six locations in Dubai where you can sample a wide variety of snacks and menus while enjoying the latest releases. Sit back and relax in your spacious chair with a built-in table for your menu to go on, with one of our delicious smoothies.

There is a combination for each type of film or for each mood. A “Green Machine” is perfect for an action film, full of energy and vitality just like this smoothie. If you’re more of a romantic, you must try a “Raspberry Love” or “Caribbean Kiss” with your film.

To relax in your large chair at Reel Cinemas and to take you to distant worlds with an exotic touch, there’s nothing better than our “Tropi Colada” or “Mango Paradise”.  And for the more adventurous the “Acai Kick” will transport you to science fiction planets with its unique taste.

If, as well as enjoying a healthy drink, you’re looking for a meal that goes perfectly with your smoothie at Reel Cinemas, you’ll also find many options, from fresh salads, to nachos, falafel and jalapeños.

In these screens equipped with the latest technology and amenities, you’re not just going to see a movie; you’re going to have a real experience. Reel cinemas have hundreds of screens. This is the largest and most luxurious cineplex in the world where you also have access to an infinite number of dining options. If you like film and food, then your best option is a cinema menu with a refreshing smoothie, so that you leave feeling full of energy and with a big smile on your face. Tempted to try this film suggestion?