In this hot month of August, we need to hydrate our body and to do so, coconut is a great healthy option. This supreme exotic fruit has a refreshing taste and is ideal for consuming in summer or when temperatures are high. It is also a fruit rich in fibre and therefore easy to digest. Because of its sweet, unmistakable taste, it is perfect for enjoying in your smoothie at any time of the day.

What coconut is used in Life Smoothies

Our coconut comes from Sri Lanka, where local people often say that coconut has as many uses as there are days in the year, and they’re right!

This fruit is part liquid -the coconut milk-, and part solid -the coconut pulp. There are different ways of eating it: fresh, dehydrated, grated, in cubes, etc. In our case, we use it in pellets, made from coconut milk that is pasteurised and IQF frozen (Individual Quick Freezing system).

For us, the quality of each of our ingredients is paramount for an excellent result. That is why we use this freezing procedure, as it involves no chemicals or preservatives at all. What’s more, because the change in temperature is so sudden, the presence of micro-organisms is significantly reduced.

The best thing about this process is the quality it brings to the product, because once defrosted, it retains all the texture, nutritional value, and the same flavour as freshly harvested coconut. You’d like to try it, wouldn’t you? Well, we have the perfect smoothie for you.

Tropi Colada, escape to a tropical paradise with the first sip

This is one of our star smoothies, and for good reason! Tropi Colada will carry you away to somewhere else. The freshness and smoothness of its ingredients will transport you to the most heavenly places. This happens because of its three delicious fruit: banana, mango and coconut. Together, the three release an explosion of flavour: a sweet, refreshing blend for the hottest days. These three ingredients, moreover, have high nutritional value and are excellent for your health. Today, we shall tell you about the benefits of our fruit of the month, the coconut. Read on!

Coconut, the tropical treasure Life Smoothies

Coconut, a highly sought-after superfood

Coconut is one of the most versatile and fun tropical fruits. It is considered a superfood and in increasing demand because every component of this fruit can be used: the milk, the oil, the pulp, the shell. It is probably the fruit most used in cosmetics due to its antioxidant and moisturising components. It is rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, and in vitamin E. It is a great source of nutritional properties of high interest for our health:

  • It has detox power. It helps to cleanse the body and especially the kidneys.
  • It revitalises, helps to regulate muscle tone, and enhances heart function.
  • Coconut milk is beneficial for cardiovascular health and is said to lower blood pressure and reduce triglycerides.
  • It has enormous hydrating power. Coconut milk is a natural isotonic drink. It is a low-fat, low-sugar fruit that provides healthy calories and boosts bodily hydration.
  • It is an energizer. It is perfect during a hectic or physically strenuous day. If added to smoothies, we receive even more benefit from its energetic power!

Coconut, the tropical treasure Life Smoothies

As you can see, coconut is a nutritional treasure. Why not take a break from your routine and escape to the most exotic places. Enjoy this incredible fruit and all its nutritional power by drinking a Tropi Colada. You’ll feel as if you are in true paradise.