Guess what’s chilling: Cold Brew Coffee Frappe!

Cold brew coffee is perfect when you want something cold and refreshing, but so is a frappe. Why not combine these incredible drinks into one perfect creation? Just imagine a cold brew with its velvety texture giving you that coffee dream.

Over the past ten years, cold brew coffee has skyrocketed in popularity and has renewed how we consume coffee. Cold brew coffee has received far more publicity within the last few years. Its entrance into businesses and into the menus of coffee shops globally has intrigued the interest of innumerable coffee drinkers. So how did cold brew become so popular? In fact, cold-brew coffee has been around for generations!

The history of cold brew starts in Japan.

Cold brew dates back to the 1600s. The first true form of cold brew coffee prepared with cold water was invented in Japan. This country had already established cold brew tea at this time using fresh cold river water. Cold-brewed coffee rose in popularity in Kyoto and was later renamed Kyoto-style coffee.

In brewing cold brew coffee, the grounds are never exposed to heat, giving it a unique extraction profile and flavor. Its smooth flavor and lower acidity make it an attractive option for those who may be sensitive to traditional hot coffee.

Today, cold brew coffee is a popular beverage enjoyed by coffee drinkers all over the world. Cold brew frappe is an increasingly popular beverage that is in high demand among consumers, especially during the summer months.

Life Smoothies took it up a notch and turned this into coffee pellets. With the availability of cold brew coffee concentrates, you can now easily prepare a cold brew frappes without requiring additional equipment or specialized training.

Ditch the coffee pot and try our Cold Brew Coffee Frappe recipe ready in just three easy steps.


Life Smoothies Coffee Frappe Packet (Coffee Pellet + Vanilla Mix)

200 ml of milk


  1. Tear the packets,
  2. Pour the ingredients into the blender.
  3. Blend for 30 seconds.

Pour on the glass and sip. This drink is blended until smooth and topped with whipped cream. It’s perfect for anyone who loves the rich and bold flavor of cold brew coffee but wants a refreshing and indulgent treat.

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