Smoothies are healthy, delicious drinks that contain lots of vitamins and are very easy to make. In a previous blog post we explained how to make them in three simple steps and in a very short amount of time. This natural soft drink is also ideal for drinking any time of the day: when getting yourself ready to face the morning, when taking a break and recharging your batteries, at lunchtime, as part of your afternoon break, at dinner time… any time is good! They are very simple to make and have many benefits. However, it is easy to make mistakes when preparing a smoothie and you can end up ruining the result. In this post we’re going to talk about some of these, so that you can put them into practice, whether you have one of the many hotel businesses where you distribute smoothies (cafes, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, gyms, catering companies, food trucks and so on) or whether you usually make them at home.


Using extra sugar to sweeten your smoothie can turn it into a real calorie bomb and means that you lose all those qualities that make it a healthy drink. Remember: many of the fruits you use already contain sugars. If you make your smoothies with Life Smoothies pre-portioned sachets you won’t have this problem, as no sugar, preservatives or colourants of any kind are added. Enjoy the best taste, as well as a healthy product. No need to give anything up!



Very much linked to the previous point. Even if your drink doesn’t contain added sugars, the excess fruit in your smoothie can increase the number of calories it contains, turning it into a drink that is no longer healthy. Life Smoothies products are supplied in individual sachets containing just the right quantities for each unit. Forget about having to weigh fruits, or buying whole pieces when you only need part of it, or searching the internet for nutritional qualities… We make it all a lot easier.



If you randomly take fruits and throw them in the blender, the result will probably not taste so great. When you’re making a smoothie, it’s important to know which ingredients combine best with others; which are the right mixes to enhance the tastes that we like; and, above all, knowing how to get the best out of each fruit. With our Acai Kick, Caribbean Kiss, Green Machine, Raspberry Love, Strawberry Split, Mango Paradise and Tropic Colada, among others, the quantities are precisely calculated so that the taste is always the same.


Frozen fruit has many advantages over fresh fruit – as we’ve already explained in another blog post. It’s more economical. It’s always in season and at its ideal point of ripeness. It doesn’t go off. You don’t have to wash, cut, or peel it. There’s no risk of it containing bad bacteria… Do you need any more reasons? We’ll give you one more: it’s delicious!



There are ideal companions for your smoothies, toppings that can enhance their taste and make them even better. But the opposite can also happen. Choose well, because a bad choice can ruin the end result. Not all ingredients go well with everything. Chunks of fruit and vegetables, nuts… There are plenty of options!

As you’ve seen, making a smoothie is simple, but you need to take into account a number of aspects. Because although it’s easy to make them, it’s also easy to ruin them. If you would like to know more about Life Smoothies products, please call us on +971 52 392 1761 or email us at [email protected]. We’ll be very happy to help you!