Discover the perfect smoothie for your summer with Life Smoothies.


Summer is getting closer and closer, and with it, making plans with friends, time for yourself and wanting to enjoy different activities and relax.

As well as having fun, it is very important to stay hydrated during the day, as it can get very hot, especially for certain hours. So, whether you’re working or enjoying a few days off, we want to give you ideas on how to stay hydrated and nourished. And what better way to do it than in the healthiest and most fun way: with your LifeSmoothie!

Make sure you’re always prepared!


Beach or pool?

For those who prefer fresh water, we also have a very sweet option to go perfectly with it: our Strawberry Split.

This unique smoothie, as well as being very eye-catching, has such a delicious flavour that it will soon become your best friend for a day at the pool.

It contains strawberry, which gives it that special flavour and colour; banana, which gives it the sweetness and energy to help you go a few extra lengths; papaya, which prevents skin blemishes if you’re more of a sunbather; and finally, cherry tomatoes, which contain 95% water… you see? We told you it was the perfect smoothie. 😉

On the other hand, if you prefer salt water and the feeling of sand on your feet, we recommend the smoothie Tropi Colada. This flavour will make you want to be on holiday forever as it combines banana, mango and coconut.

Bananas have many health benefits and are a very filling fruit that will prevent you from snacking between meals. Mangoes are high in fibre and aid digestion. And finally, a real fruity treasure: the coconut. This fruit will help you stay hydrated during a sunny day and is low in sugars and fats.

Outdoor gym

Gym in summer, why not? There are so many fun ways to exercise without having to work out in your usual gym. You can, for example, go skating, play tennis or go for a walk or go cycling. For this energy drain, we recommend that you finish your exercise off by drinking our Green Machine smoothie. It is a natural fuel full of vitamins and perfect for a full recovery, with spinach, broccoli, banana, celery, pineapple and mango. And best of all? The taste. Try it, you’ll be surprised!

alt_smoothie Green Machine

Tai Chi at sunset

Summer gives us wonderful sunsets that help relax our body and mind, and it can be a great time to practice Tai Chi and align our chakras. That’s why a great way to finish off the day is with our Mango Paradise smoothie. Its special taste is thanks to the mango, pineapple and passion fruit; and it is this mixture that will transport you to fantastic landscapes. It will be a cure for your body and mind.

Going to the cinema

And just like a good ending to a film, the cinema can be great in the summer. A film is the best way to disconnect if you are not yet enjoying your holiday. So, we suggest you go to one of the 6 ‘Reels Cinema’ venues in Dubai. You can choose any of our smoothies because you will have all of them at your fingertips. If you can’t decide, and if you’re going to watch a romantic movie you can try our Raspberry Love; or, just the opposite, an adventure movie goes really well with our Acai Kick; but any option is good if you’re looking to disconnect and have a great experience.

If you want to enjoy a flavour-packed summer, Life Smoothies will be right there with you in your best moments.