Now that summer is here, what’s better than a delicious, refreshing drink? Smoothies are the perfect companion for this time of year, but many of you ask what can I combine it with? What can I add to enhance the flavour, give it some colour or, even, improve the presentation? Don’t worry, here are some ideas so you can make the best smoothies.


The best ideas! Combine your smoothies.

When preparing your drink you have to keep in mind the elements you are going to combine with the different fruits and vegetables in the smoothie. To add new flavours or enhance them you can add ingredients to your smoothies such as:

  • A little pure cocoa powder to enhance flavours such as mint and banana, something that also provides fibre to your smoothie.


  • Butter extract will add a light hint of cake. While it’s hard to find this ingredient in supermarkets, you can buy it in bakeries. It will give it an excellent touch!
  • Add almond milk, it will give you the nutrients you need to face the day with energy. It also has healthy fats that speed up metabolism and help you lose weight.
  • Yoghurt is a very healthy element to combine with your smoothies, an ideal combination for your breakfast or afternoon snack.
  • Green tea smoothies will offer antioxidant, slimming and anti-carcinogenic properties. A refreshing drink that wins time and time again!
  • Tofu or cheese at the end of the creation process to give an extra touch to the smoothie. Add these elements when everything is ready so that they do not lose their properties.
  • If you want a low-calorie smoothie you can add water, coconut water or green tea instead of milk. On the other hand, if you want it to be creamier and more nutritious, you can add cow’s milk or soy or almond milk. But, be careful as these liquids should be added in small amounts, preferably at the end of making the smoothie.
  • If you have a sweet tooth and want to make your smoothie sweeter, you can use stevia, maple syrup or agave syrup.
  • A good way to add aromas to your smoothies is to add mint, vanilla extract or clove.

Extra ingredients can also provide a beautiful decoration to your smoothie

Extra ingredients can also provide a beautiful decoration to your smoothie, improving its presentation and leaving everyone you invite to taste one amazed. Fill your drinks with colour!

  • Place red fruits and different berries as toppings to give more colour to your smoothie.


  • If you want to surprise with an intense green shade toss in a handful of spinach. This ingredient also provides high nutritional value.
  • If you prefer red shades, use forest fruits to get an intense red colour.


  • Put leaves on top of your smoothies such as spinach, or red fruits, dark chocolate, oat flakes, ground cinnamon, non-fat cocoa solids, red fruits, banana or hemp seeds to improve the presentation, and add delicious ingredients to your smoothie!

At Life Smoothies we have delicious smoothies to be able to combine different ingredients and toppings such as those mentioned above. Our smoothies are made with fruits from around the world to get the best quality in each of our smoothie for you to enjoy them as you deserve.