Layered smoothies

They’re fun, full of colour and original. If you like smoothies but also want to try shaking things up a bit to stop them from getting boring, then you’ll love layered smoothies! These smoothies have visible lines so you can see where one flavour ends and the next begins, and are broken into textures and graduated colours.

Colours of layered smoothies

Colours are what underpin this type of smoothie. And presentation is very important. You’ll want to serve it in a glass so that all the layers of colour and flavour can be fully appreciated. You can also add slices of fruit and seeds to give it that special touch.

We recommend that you make each layer of your smoothie separately. You could try using some of our colourful options – such as mixing the strong green of our “green machine” with the red tones of “strawberry split” and “raspberry love”, or the intense pink of our “acai kick”, and then finish it off with a touch of orange with our “mango paradise”.

It’s important that each layer is as thick and cold as possible so that it does not all mix together. For a more creative touch, you can try cutting some fruit into thin slices and layering them around the glass container you’re using for your layered smoothie. Use colourful fruits with seeds – such as strawberries, kiwis and figs – as these will stand out in the glass. Be sure to combine ranges of colour depending on the type of smoothie you’ve chosen for each layer. If you want it a bit darker, try using sliced blackberries or blueberries.

Seeds and supplements

And what about seeds and supplements? Which are best for your layered smoothie? Chia seeds can work really well because of their dark colour and will stand out in the rainbow of your layered smoothie. But you can also try flax seeds as well as nuts such as walnuts or almonds.

To give your layered smoothie an extra touch of colour, try using natural dyes like seaweed powder (spirulina), which can be green or blue. Matcha tea, acai powder and turmeric are other good options.

So, you now know how to make layered smoothies, their properties, and everything you need to do to surprise your guests with something creative and a bit different. People will never again use the word ‘boring’ when talking about your smoothies! Are you ready to throw yourself into the world of layers…?

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