As you already know if you are a fan of our posts, our fruit and vegetables come from more than 10 different countries from around the world.

And how do you keep the freshness and flavour of each fruit and vegetable? Easy! Our IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) system freezes our fruit and vegetables sustainably, quickly and individually so that they retain their original properties, as well as their original shape, colour and flavour after thawing. With this system we can have the best seasonal fruits from more than 10 different countries and deliver them directly to your home. No chemicals are needed to keep them preserved and micro-organisms are kept to a minimum, resulting in the highest hygienic quality and guaranteed food safety, regardless of where the produce comes from.

Today we’ll travel through some of the countries where our fruit and vegetables come from. Will you join us? Let’s go!

First stop: Belgium

We start off our tour in Belgium, also known as “the vegetable garden of Europe”, due to the great conditions for growing quality vegetables. Its mild marine climate and soil composition make it ideal for cultivation, as well as its central location to quickly transport the produce. It takes a maximum of two to five hours between harvesting and freezing the vegetables. This means the nutritional substances (vitamins, minerals and fibre) stay intact and retain their full flavour.

If you want to taste it for yourself, just try our Green Machine with spinach from Belgium, or the Beet the Heat, where you will taste the sweet flavour of beetroot. Choosing Belgium to provide these vegetables was a simple decision and the right choice, as they prioritise quality, food safety and sustainability, and it shows in every sip!

Life Smoothies Let's go travelling! Discover the countries that produce our delicious fruits

We’re off to Turkey

A stone’s throw between Asia and Europe, it is a country of enormous cultural diversity, with connections to the ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. It is a country with great potential, being the largest cherry producer in the world, with the best protocols for exporting this fruit. If you try the Cherry and Chocolate shake, you will see precisely why Turkey has been chosen to provide us with this delicacy.

Life Smoothies Let's go travelling! Discover the countries that produce our delicious fruits

It is also the world’s second largest melon producer. That is why we have chosen Turkey to provide us with these two great ingredients and to include them in our products.

We’re staying in Costa Rica!

This is our last stop, and we would love to stay forever here. Costa Rica is known for its beaches, volcanoes and biodiversity, a wonderful country with tropical rainforests and coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific. These conditions are ideal for producing one of the most exotic fruits: the pineapple. Costa Rica is the world’s largest producer of this fruit, renowned for its quality and excellent flavour and sweetness, thanks to its tropical climate and the fertile volcanic soil, rich in nutrients. You can try it in our exotic smoothie Tropi Colada, in Beet the Heat or in our famous Green Machine. No matter where you’re reading this from, you’ll feel like you’re in the Caribbean with every sip!

Life Smoothies Let's go travelling! Discover the countries that produce our delicious fruits

Our journey ends here, but you can continue travelling with our smoothies and fruits in this other blog post. All you have to do is choose the destination, we’ll take care of the rest!