Did you know that we have the largest range of frozen fruit and vegetables ever? We’ve talked about it in previous posts, but for those of you who are new to Life Smoothies, we love to tell you how we keep fruit and vegetables packed with their natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Our IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) system freezes our fruit and vegetables in a sustainable, fast and individual way to retain their original shape, colour and flavour after thawing. Thanks to this system we can pack the best seasonal fruits from more than 10 different countries and deliver them directly to your home. Isn’t it magical?

This is why we wanted to showcase our fruits and tell you about some of them in this post and the countries they come from. Because the earth offers us so many different varieties of berries, tropical fruits and other more exotic fruits, let’s take you on a trip to get to know them a little better. Off we go!

Let's go on a trip with our smoothies and fruits! Life Smoothies

Our trips begins in Morocco

This country is a great source of fresh organic fruit, exporting more than 200 types of products and growing year after year, bringing its quality and variety of agri-food products to the rest of the world. The strawberries in our Strawberry Split, Caribbean Kiss and in one of our latest additions, our Pink Dragon, come from this great country. The berry family also includes the delicious blueberries as featured in Raspberry Love, Acai Kick and Beet the Heat, another of our great new smoothies.

Vietnam: the most exotic flavours

This wonderful country boasts incredible landscapes, but it is also incredible for its impressive natural flavours: its great variety of fruit that you can find in our smoothies. We would like to highlight the passion fruit of our Mango Paradise, which, thanks to Vietnam’s climate, has become the ideal place to grow it.

But perhaps our favourite is the dragon fruit because this special fruit can be found in another of our great new smoothies: our Pink Dragon. So called because it resembles the scales of a dragon; it is a beautiful fruit, unique and rich in fantastic nutrients. Thanks to the warm climate, Vietnam has become one of the largest producers, and no wonder, because it is becoming one of the most popular fruits thanks to its taste and its beauty inside and out. Isn’t it beautiful?

Let's go on a trip with our smoothies and fruits! Life Smoothies Pink Dragon

We travel to another continent to land in Peru

If you like mangoes, you should know that Peru is a major exporter and is recognised worldwide for its great quality and flavour. Also, thanks to the climate, they are lucky enough to have different varieties, all of which are delicious and full of flavour.

And of course, our Mango Paradise is the star of this trip to Peru, because thanks to this super fruit it is rich in texture and flavour, but it also provides lots of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. It is grown, harvested and shipped from the province of Piura, and it is a real delicacy!

From Peru we would also like to highlight the avocado that you will find in our new Refresh’mint. This is the season when production is at its highest for this super fruit, and it is becoming more and more coveted worldwide, not only for its flavour but also because it is a great ingredient in beauty products. And no wonder, because if it is not only good for the inside, but also the outside. We explain all its benefits to you in the blog post about our Refresh’mint smoothie.

Let's go on a trip with our smoothies and fruits! Life Smoothies

What did you think of our little trip around the world? We hope you liked it and that every time you enjoy our smoothies, you will imagine and travel straight to these great countries and their incredible nature. See you in the next post!