Mango Paradise smoothie.

Close your eyes, imagine you are on a deserted beach, with fine sand and crystal clear blue waters. Not working? That’s because you need a small taste of it to transport you there. You need a Mango Paradise smoothie, our most exotic flavour.


The best combination of ingredients


At Life Smoothies each piece of fruit is selected to guarantee quality. The fruit is never damaged or too ripe, as it is picked when it is perfectly ripe.


For this smoothie, we wanted a special and exotic flavour that would transport us to paradise, and so we chose three tropical fruits: pineapple, mango and passion fruit.


Pineapple: Pineapple comes from Brazil, where it was found by European colonisers, but today the main producing countries are China, the United States, Brazil, Thailand, the Philippines, Costa Rica and Mexico.


Mango: Mango, however, despite what we may think is native to Asia. Specifically, it is known to have been traded in parts of India, Sri Lanka and the Himalayas since ancient times.


Passion fruit: Commonly known as passion fruit, it is native to Central and South America.


It is precisely the tropical and Ecuadorian origin of all these fruits that transports us to the most heavenly landscapes when we eat them. But if we mix them all together, the result is even better. The softness and freshness of the mango contrasts with the strong flavour of the pineapple and passion fruit. If we also turn them into a smoothie, we will feel like we are on holiday, sipping on summer.

al_mango paradise smoothie


Natural properties, additive-free


But best of all, it is a guilt-free pleasure. Our Life Smoothies are a healthy and recommended treat. Precisely because of the ingredients and the way we make them.


Passion fruit for example, is perfect for recharging your energy levels on a hectic day or in extreme heat. Pineapple is fantastic for when you are on a diet because of its high water and fibre content. Lastly, mango is very rich in nutrients including potassium, magnesium, provitamin A and vitamin C.


So, with all these ingredients we get a smoothie that is only 70 calories, with no saturated or trans fats, and with only 17 grams of sugar that is not added sugar, but naturally present in the fruit.


Of course, in keeping with our philosophy, none of our smoothies contain any colourants or preservatives. And Mango Paradise is no exception.


The yellow colour you get when mixing it with milk, water or yoghurt will give you that typical tropical fruit colour.


It is bursting with nutrients that, thanks to our IQF technology, preserves the fruit from the moment it is picked until it reaches your glass.


Perfectly preserved


Because there’s no point in picking the healthiest and tastiest fruits if they come to you spoiled, that’s why at Life Smoothie we use IGF technology that allows us to preserve the fruit and its nutrients in perfect condition.


We have an ultra-fast freezing system that prevents the product from defrosting during the process. Each piece of fruit takes one or two seconds to reach freezing temperature instead of the several hours it typically takes.


This process guarantees the good condition of the fruit in every aspect. It retains its quality, taste and nutrients.


alt_smoothie mango paradise

Easy to prepare


Like our other smoothies, Mango Paradise comes in a sealed pack with the pieces of fruit already selected, washed and cut and in the right proportions for the right flavour.


In fact, it contains the fruit needed to make a smoothie, which has great benefits:


  • For your convenience. There is no need to wash, clean, peel, cut, chop or slice fruit. You just have to open our bag and mix it with a liquid in a blender and that’s it.
  • No waste: each pack of Smoothie Solutions contains just the right amount of quick frozen fruit to make a perfect smoothie.
  • All year round: While fresh fruit is only sold in season, our Life Smoothie bags are available all year round. We pick the fruit at the right time and freeze it quickly so that it is available for the remaining months.


Are you convinced yet? If you would like to taste or distribute our Mango Paradise or any other of our products, please call us at +971 52 392 1761 or send an email to [email protected].

We would be happy to explain how we make our Life Smoothies full of love.