This month we welcome summertime, so we want to talk about one of the most refreshing fruits for this time of year: the mango. And of course, the two star smoothies in this new post featuring this super fruit, our Mango Paradise and Caribbean Kiss smoothies.

Any of our fruit smoothies are perfect to accompany you during a day at the beach or pool, because all our fruits are super refreshing and delicious and will help you fight the heat while also being good for you.

Mango: the tropical super fruit in our smoothies Life Smoothies

If you haven’t yet been lucky enough to try our two smoothies, we’re sure that after reading this you’ll want to hydrate yourself with either one of them. We are going to tell you about each of them and all the benefits you get from eating mango. Take note!

Caribbean Kiss, a midsummer night’s dream

You will enjoy a very special combination of flavours because our Caribbean Kiss also contains melon and strawberries. Thanks to the latter, it boasts this beautiful orange shade. But what interests us most are its properties and flavour.

Both strawberries and melons are packed full of water, so they are essential for the hottest days. It is so important to stay hydrated and fill up on the nutrients you need to get a great head start for the day. Both fruits are sweet and delicious, and combined with the mango flavour make this smoothie taste perfect.

The mango in our smoothie helps give it a unique flavour, but also a perfect consistency and keeps you fuller for longer thanks to its natural fibre, which will helps you maintain your figure and avoid snacking between meals.

Mango Paradise, our most exotic flavour

We wanted to take you to paradise from the very first sip and we have done just that. Our smoothie has the best of mango as the name suggests, but also consists of pineapple and passion fruit. These two flavours combine their characteristic intense flavours with the smoothness and freshness of mango.

It is the ideal option if you want to take good care of yourself, because pineapple has a high diuretic power and passion fruit is the energy boost you need on a hot summer’s day. These two fruits combined with the flavour of mango make this smoothie a favourite for many.

Mango: the tropical super fruit in our smoothies Life Smoothies

Mango is the king of tropical fruits

Do you know where the mango in our smoothies comes from? In our previous post on countries of origin we already gave you some clues. The mango we use comes from Peru, specifically it is grown, harvested and shipped from the province of Piura.

They have different varieties thanks to their climate, but the variety we use is called Kent Mango. This variety is distinguished from others by its dark green skin with small red spots. But what is really interesting about this variety is that it contains less fibre in its golden-orange flesh, which makes it perfect for smoothies.

In both our Mango Paradise and Caribbean Kiss smoothies you can enjoy its sweet and delicious flavour. This particular variety has hints of peach, and its texture is juicy and very tender.

It is a fruit rich in nutrients and vitamins, but it is also low in fat, sodium and calories, which means it is perfect to help avoid cardiovascular diseases. These and many others are the benefits that we can get by eating this great fruit. We manage to preserve it all thanks to our IQF system so that everything is kept intact 😉

Mango: the tropical super fruit in our smoothies Life Smoothies

Let’s celebrate the beginning of summer with our Mango Paradise and Caribbean Kiss! We have also put another date on our calendar: World Mango Day, which will be celebrated on 22 July. Are you in?