In this article we give you a rundown of all the benefits and properties of the pineapple: one of the top ingredients in our smoothies including the Tropi Colada and the new Beet the Heat. We know that many of you associate eating this tropical and exotic fruit with summer, but this food has a huge number of benefits for our bodies.

Pineapple is known as ananas comosus which was a term coined in Brazil, specifically from the Tupi language, and means “delicious fruit” and its name reflects its resemblance to pinecones. This fruit is a very low-calorie food, extremely rich in vitamins such as vitamin C, A, B1 and even folic acid, it helps our body to produce new cells, has high antioxidant values, protects our immune system and keeps teeth, soft tissue and bones strong. It is practically a superfood.

In terms of minerals, it contains potassium, magnesium and iron in large doses, making it a fruit that helps us to regulate and maintain the correct functioning of our body and has a perfect balance between fibre and calories. What’s more, this tropical delicacy has a great taste that everyone enjoys. It makes our mouths water, literally 😋

Let's talk about pineapples. Do you know all the benefits of this superfruit?

Pineapple, great for removing liquids and reducing body volume.

One of the great benefits and properties of the pineapple is its function as a natural diuretic. Adding pineapple to our diet helps us to eliminate toxins and lose volume, and also helps to reduce the annoying cellulite that worries many women and men. Among its functions we can also highlight its anti-inflammatory properties, making it fundamental in reducing abdominal inflammation. Eating pineapple helps us to get a fabulous body inside and out. Do you need any more reasons to add pineapple to your weekly diet?

Keeps your skin smooth, hydrated and glowing

Its antioxidant properties and its high concentration of water are the best ingredient for enviable skin that is hydrated, with no scars or skin ulcers and fights the signs of ageing in our skin keeping it elastic and glowing. Sometimes the best beauty treatments are as simple as drinking water to stay hydrated and eating foods like pineapple. Show off your new skin, don’t wait any longer!

Aids digestion and improves our night’s rest.

When we say pineapple is a superfood we’re not exaggerating. If we are listing its benefits we cannot ignore one of the most important: it helps improve your digestion and it protects our digestive system from possible intestinal problems. This fruit can also be eaten at night without any trouble at all, thanks to its melatonin content, a hormone that helps control our sleep cycles.

End your day with one of our smoothies, sweeten your night and improve your rest. We can’t think of a better way to end the day than with one of our pineapple Life Smoothies. Your choice: Banana, coconut and pineapple or beet root, ginger, pineapple and blueberries. Our Tropi Colada and Beet the Heat are waiting for you!

Let's talk about pineapples. Do you know all the benefits of this superfruit?

And now you know, eating pineapple is a real treat,