How are you fruit lovers? We’re happy because for a few weeks now we have had some exciting new products that we’ve been looking forward to: We have a new smoothie called Pink Dragon!

In this post we want you to learn that pink is not just a colour, it is a new flavour and also full of unique nuances. Want to know which fruits are in our new Pink Dragon? Well, read on and find out, as Edith Piaf would say in her famous song, ‘La Vie en Rose’. 😉

The delicious and original dragon fruit

This fruit, also called pitaya or pitahaya, is the star ingredient of our new Pink Dragon flavour and is so special that it deserves to be talked about. Its name comes from its exterior, as it has green stems that resemble the scales of a dragon. It is an eye-catching fruit, that certainly grabs your attention, but you’ll be won over by its refreshing flavour.

Although it originates from Central America, the dragon fruit in our new smoothie comes directly from Vietnam, which is a major producer due to its favourable climate and soil.

There are two different kinds: the white dragon fruit and the pink dragon fruit. The latter variety is the star ingredient in our smoothie and the ‘culprit’ of the ‘colour block’ that is so on trend this year and that could not be missing in our range of flavours.

And it tastes just as good as it looks, if not more, because this exotic fruit has a sweet taste reminiscent of kiwi or papaya. Unlike the white variety, our pink fruit contains less sugar, but also a lot of impressive nutrients such as iron, zinc, calcium and phosphorus. It also contains many vitamins such as B1, B2, B3 and C, perfect for our daily lives.

What do all these nutrients give us?

  • Vitamin C helps delay the signs of skin ageing thanks to its antioxidant properties.
  • Helps against chronic degenerative and cardiovascular diseases.
  • What it has in common with many other fruits is the amount of water it contains, which makes it a natural diuretic and will help to keep us hydrated.
  • It is low in sugars and calories, but it will keep you fuller for longer.
  • Its seeds help us to maintain good intestinal flora as it is a great source of natural fibre.

As you can see, this ingredient joins our range of fruits that are wonders of nature and that we at LifeSmoothies give you in its most delicious form: a smoothie.

Mango and strawberry also join the pink party

We would not have it any other other way. The flavour of mango and strawberry come together to give our Pink Dragon an explosion of flavours and colours that make it a great party on our palate.

Our Pink Dragon is a smoothie full of contrasts. On one hand, we have the quite unusual and little known dragon fruit, and then we have a fruit with the most followers in the world: the strawberry. This fruit is definitely the other top ingredient in terms of the colour of our smoothie.

Mango also plays a big role, because it gives the perfect texture to our Pink Dragon thanks to its fibre and its natural thickening power.

As you can see, not only will we see pink as one of the big fashion trends this year, but we will also be able to savour and enjoy it in the best way possible: in our delicious Pink Dragon smoothie!

What are you waiting for to place your order and give it a taste?