Different refreshing and fun ways to drink your smoothie this summer 

It’s getting hot and our bodies know it, because at this time of year we need to stay cool and hydrated. But not only that, it is also good to keep taking care of ourselves. This is a time for having fun, enjoying the holidays and eating what we feel like. 

If you are somebody who doesn’t like to deprive yourself of anything but wants to take good care of yourself in the most natural way possible and always enjoy the best flavour, we recommend you drink our Life Smoothies in these unique and fun ways. Don’t miss this post: “Different refreshing and fun ways to drink your smoothie this summer”.

Enjoy your Life Smoothies in a popsicle 

We love this idea and the combinations are endless, and once you try it, if you haven’t already, you’ll love it too. And not only you, but the little ones are sure to love it too.  

Thanks to this way of enjoying your smoothies in a homemade popsicle, you will be eating fruit without having to eat other ultra-processed products full of sugar and preservatives. That’s why we believe that this summer this could be a great idea if you want to continue looking after yourself and your loved ones.  

The sweetness of these refreshing popsicles come from the fruits of your choice. You can choose from all our options; from strawberries, banana, papaya and cherry in our Strawberry Split, or you can be daring with raspberries or blueberries and banana for some creaminess with our Raspberry Love. Another great option is to add avocado, as it is a fruit with many properties and will help the mixture be more consistent. 

Simply place the fruits of your choice in the food processor and blend them well. Then, we recommend adding skimmed milk or even fresh cheese to give it more consistency and flavour.  

When you have the mixture, you can pour it into moulds to then freeze. There are many fun moulds that will make your homemade popsicles look just as good as processed popsicles, and you’ll get that extra nutritional bonus.  


alt_smoothie in a popsicle


Fruit slushies 

On very hot days our bodies need us to regulate our temperature. A great option is a slushie, because as well as preserving all the nutrients in the fruit, you will be hydrating yourself with crushed ice. Also, any time of the day is a good time to enjoy a fruit slushie. 

The only thing you need to check is if your blender or food processor has blades suitable for crushing ice. If so, go ahead and try our fresh Life  Smoothies! 

Tubs of homemade ice cream  

You will also love this option, because if you have space in the freezer or there are a lot of you at home, you can have pre-made tubs of different flavours.  

As always, choose your favourite fruits to make this homemade ice cream. We think the fruity combo of our Tropi Colada smoothie with banana, pineapple and coconut is amazing. For the perfect creaminess, add unsweetened Greek yoghurt to the fruit and mix well before freezing. 

When serving, you can add toppings of your choice such as nuts, cocoa chips, shredded coconut or even cinnamon. Whatever it is, it will be delicious! 

alt_homemade fruit cones

Homemade fruit cones 

For this ice cream option, we think the fruity combo of our Mango Paradise is perfect, because as well as mango, you’ll have a touch of pineapple and passion fruit flavour. You can add coconut milk to this mixture, it is a perfect flavour, and you will get just the right texture. 

You can buy the cones ready-made or make them at home using filo pastry. 

This summer take care of yourself in a fun way and enjoy Life Smoothies in all their different forms and flavours, they’ll definitely be a hit! 

Different refreshing and fun ways to drink your smoothie this summer