We have a new flavour at Life Smoothies! Introducing the newest member of the family that avocado lovers will love. This is our new smoothie that we have called ‘Refresh’mint’ and it completes our range full of delicious flavours.

As you can guess, avocado will be the main ingredient, this unique smoothie combines flavours such as pear, lime, mango and a touch of mint which, as you will see, makes it extra special.

Below, we will describe all its wonderful nutrients and benefits for our body, but we can already tell you that this smoothie will make taking care of yourself a real treat. Take note!

Ingredients and nutritional values of Refresh’mint

Of course, the star ingredient of this smoothie is avocado. It is both a fruit and a vegetable and is known as ‘green butter’ because it has a soft, buttery consistency, which makes it perfect for freezing. As you know, we use the IQF method to freeze our fruit within the first 24 hours of harvesting, which allows all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals to be preserved, without having to add preservatives or colourings.

Avolicious, welcome to our Life Smoothies family

Avocado provides many benefits to the body:

  • It helps our heart: You may have heard that it is a calorific fruit, and perhaps that is why it is not eaten so often. What we should know is that it provides monounsaturated fat and oleic acid, which will keep cholesterol levels at bay; and also blood pressure as it contains a lot of B vitamins. Moderate consumption in the form of a smoothie is the best way to get the necessary nutrients without going overboard.
  • Recommended for athletes and pregnant women: It is a great source of potassium and magnesium, which helps our muscles and bones to function and makes it the perfect food for exercising. It also contains large amounts of folic acid, an essential vitamin for pregnant women.
  • Antioxidant and rich in vitamin E, which helps to prevent cardiovascular and cancerous diseases.
  • Thanks to its high fibre content, it is very good for the digestive system and intestinal health.
  • A perfect partner in the summer. Avocado also protects against the sun as it contains beta-carotene, a pigment that is transformed into vitamin A. This helps to protect our skin from the sun’s radiation, and also activates our melanin and intensifies our tan.

Avolicious, welcome to our Life Smoothies family

What other fruits are in our delicious Refresh’mint?

Pear: A very refreshing fruit, so our smoothie is perfect for hot days or after a workout. It contains a large amount of water, which nutritionally makes it great for weight loss. As well as vitamins, it is also a great source of iron and calcium, ideal for any little ones in the house!

Lime: This touch is very unique, right? The so-called ‘sweet lemon’ will provide acidity without being too bitter. This fruit also contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and fibre, but it also helps our stomach against heartburn and ulcers.

Mango: As you may already know, this fruit is the natural main ingredient of our Mango Paradise. It is rich in nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and vitamins A and C. It will give you that sweet touch, achieving the perfect balance for our Refresh’mint.

Mint: This superfood is widely used in natural medicine, and it’s no wonder. We are very familiar with its aroma, as it is widely used in food, hygiene and beauty products. But eating mint has many benefits: it helps our digestive system, our cardiovascular health, decongestion and is even good for killing the bacteria that cause bad breath. A wonder straight from nature!

As you can see, we could spend hours talking about all the benefits of our new Refresh’mint smoothie, but we think what will really win you over is its delicious taste. So, what are you waiting for?