Getting through the beginning of the year is always tricky, with new challenges, new resolutions and goals. To succeed, we need a good diet that gives us a high dose of energy to face the day to day. Fruits and vegetables can give us that perfect energy boost to recover lost vitality and to be unstoppable in all our tasks. If you don’t like eating natural fruits or vegetables, the perfect option for an energy-boosting diet is in smoothie mode. You can easily drink it first thing in the morning for breakfast and it will give you energy to face the working day. Also, as an afternoon snack to get through the last stretch of the day or anytime you need that extra boost of energy, because you can always carry it with you in a portable container.

A dose of “green power” is guaranteed with a smoothie like our “Green Machine” that combines spinach, broccoli and a more tropical part with mango and pineapple. A perfect blend with just the right amount of green to give you energy and vitality anytime.

Energy smoothie

If you enjoy the sweeter things in life, you can opt for a mango smoothie like our “Mango Paradise”. Mango is a fruit rich in magnesium, a mineral that helps cellular energy production. If you choose our “Acai Kick” you will also enjoy banana, acai and blueberry.

Energy smoothie

To give it a touch of red and a lot of energy, opt for raspberries in your smoothie. The iron provided by this fruit makes this smoothie the ideal option for recharging your batteries at any time of day. Combine it with banana and blueberry and you have our “Raspberry Love”, a perfect solution to face any physical or mental activity with vitality.

And if you’re more of a strawberry person, you should know that their high dose of vitamin C also gives you the perfect energy boost for a long day. You can combine the strawberry smoothie with other fruits such as banana, papaya and cherry and enjoy our “Strawberry Split”. You can also make it easier with just mango and melon and get a real energy boost with our “Caribbean Kiss”.

Don’t forget other fruits like kiwi, pineapple and melon that also offer you the necessary energy in your smoothie. You can always mix them as you wish and add toppings like nuts that are guaranteed to make your body and brain function perfectly.

You can certainly think of other refreshing and energy-boosting combinations. Starting the year off right is simple. All you need is frozen fruit, a base of milk, water or juice, a blender and everything is ready in a few minutes to enjoy your favourite smoothie.  Shall we give it a go?