With summer comes endless days in the sun, afternoons on the beach, walks, trips… We leave the four walls of our home and find it hard to return to them. We want to enjoy our free time, the heat, our friends and we almost always do it with a drink in hand, as it is very important to stay hydrated with these high temperatures. But why give in to sugary drinks that harm our health when we can enjoy a healthy alternative? If you are looking for something light and that will also help you maintain your healthy lifestyle habits in summer…  smoothies are your solution! Are you ready for the most refreshing drink this summer?


A refreshing and healthy drink with many benefits

Whether you need a snack to help you recharge your batteries or you’re looking for a tasty, fresh, enjoyable drink, you’re going to love smoothies!

They are great any time of the year, but in summer they become your greatest ally, as they hydrate and help to recover the electrolytes you lose when you sweat from the heat. Essential for keeping you in good health during summer!

Also, as they are 100% made from a combination of chopped fruits and vegetables, you will be giving your body all the nutrients it needs without losing any of their properties: Vitamin B, Vitamin C, minerals… And all without even realising it, while you enjoy a very tasty and refreshing drink.

They are also the perfect complement to avoid heavy meals that make you feel very bloated in summer. If you go for a vegetables option, like the Green Machine, you’ll see how smoothies are the perfect and light alternative to eating vegetables, while having a picnic outdoors.

These types of drinks also contain a lot of fibre, so you will improve your intestinal transit and your digestion will be much easier on those days when you’re hardly ever at home.

They are also a great source of antioxidants, as they contain phyto-nutrients that will help your immune system, bones, vision and even your skin.  Perfect for still looking healthy after long days in the sun!

All great benefits!

healthy smoothie

Which is the best smoothie for me?

It’s as easy as choosing what flavour you like best, listening to your body and deciding which one to start with. If you want to take a look, you can find all the benefits that each of our smoothies provides in our catalogue. Choose the one that best suits your needs and see the percentage of vitamins, iron and calcium…

For example, if you’re looking to freshen up after an afternoon on the beach, why not indulge yourself with a combination of the exotic flavour of mango, the freshness of melon and the sweetness of strawberries in our Caribbean Kiss? Or do you prefer the consistency of bananas, and the mix of pineapples and coconuts in our Tropi Colada?

If you have been to the gym and want to recharge your batteries, we recommend the Acai Kick: Banana, Mango, Acai Seeds and Blueberries. 100% energy!

Do you have a 5-minute break at work and need an extra kick to motivate you for the rest of the day? Then you’ll love Mango Paradise. An explosive blend of mango, pineapple and passion fruit that will take you on a journey to paradise!


As you can see, there’s a smoothie for every occasion, so there’s no excuse to skip the sugary drinks and enjoy the most healthy and refreshing drink this summer!


Remember that they are also available to take away, so you can take them with you to the beach, the pool, work or wherever you want in just 30 seconds!


Which one are you having? Tell us in the comments!