Do you know the benefits of eating seasonal fruit and vegetables? In this post we recommend you the best fruits and vegetables for this time of the year. They go perfectly with your smoothies and give you an extra boost of vitamins and proteins needed to face the day full of energy.

Life Smoothies products are designed to be enjoyed at any time of the year thanks to how they are made and preserved. They retain all the nutrients and benefits of the foods selected for each of the shakes and smoothies available in our range.

Seasonal fruit and vegetables are delicious and are to be enjoyed at their very best. They also provide our bodies with the nutrients we need to cope with the external elements typical of each season.

The best seasonal fruits to go with our smoothies this winter

If you don’t know which fruits are typical during the first few months of the year, continue reading our post and you will discover which fruits suit our LifeSmoothies best. Ready to discover the first pairings of the year?

Fruits rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant to prevent possible colds and flu during the winter months. So, to ensure a healthy winter and protect our immune system, we recommend eating fruits like oranges, papaya and kiwi and incorporating them into your daily diet. Our fruit smoothies will help you on that goal.

We recommend adding papaya to our Açai Kick Smoothie. Its sweet and mild flavour contrasts with the acidity of the blackberries and perfectly complements the mango, another main ingredient of our refreshing drink.

The best seasonal fruits to go with our smoothies this winter

Orange and kiwi, on the other hand, would be the perfect dance partner to our Caribbean Kiss or Strawberry Split. Strawberry – Kiwi or Strawberry – Orange is an absolute winning combination. You won’t be able to resist.

Dried or dehydrated fruit, ideal for winter

Join us this winter with dried fruit! Adding these fruits to our LifeSmoothies will give them new textures and flavours. These foods also help to boost our body’s energy and keep us warm during winter. Dried figs, dates and sultanas are rich in calcium and iron and are the perfect complement to our meals.

Our exotic Tropi Colada Smoothie is perfect with dates, or you can even experiment and pair any dried fruit with our Mango Paradise Smoothie to add that sweet texture to the mango, pineapple and passion fruit combination. Which dried fruit will you try? Remember that this year, one of the resolutions we talked about in the previous post is to get out of our comfort zone.

Pomegranates and blueberries add a splash of colour to our smoothies

There is no better way to top off our smoothies and shakes than with such delicate, tasty and colourful fruits as pomegranates and blueberries. They also provide many nutrients and antioxidant properties necessary for the winter, such as caring for and moisturising our skin.

Don’t forget, too, that these fruits don’t need any filters and will look perfect on your Instagram pictures. Show off a LifeSmoothies snack or breakfast on social media, you don’t know who might like it and maybe you’ll end up sharing toppings and smoothies together! 😉

The best seasonal fruits to go with our smoothies this winter

And do you already have your perfect combination for this winter? If you have already tried it or want to tell us which pair you have to have, let us know! We are all ears and look forward to meeting new and surprising partners.