It feels so good to have a smoothie after a workout. It make us happy when we can enjoy a leisurely breakfast with our smoothie. And it is so easy to have a smoothie rich in fruits when we don’t have time for more. Yes, it’s true, all our good plans always include the word smoothie, we are passionate about them and we want to pass this on to you too. However, in order to fall in love with this drink you need to try the best ones. Of course, for us these are Life Smoothies. In this post we will share with you some tips to make your smoothie a perfect smoothie.

1. Dare to experiment

With Life Smoothies you can skip this step. On our website you can find a wide range of smoothies ready to make. We share different options and combinations with you. But sometimes we like to experiment and find new flavours. Don’t be afraid to add, subtract and play with the ingredients in your smoothies. Who knows, you might find the perfect formula.

2. Mix with an idea in mind

It’s fine to experiment, but always remember to do so with a purpose. The last thing we want to do is waste food because we didn’t like one of our combinations. On our blog you will find recipes you can use as a guide when making a smoothie.

3. Fruit always frozen

At Life Smoothies we pick the fruit when it is perfectly ripe, freeze it and distribute it in bags with the exact amount that each smoothie should contain. This way, stores can serve our smoothies following our formula and with zero waste.

4. The perfect amount of liquid

This is one of the most important points. Too much liquid can turn your smoothie into soup, whereas too little liquid can turn it into ice cream.   Control the quantities, especially if you are improvising a recipe.

At Life Smoothies the best combination is apple juice as it has a neutral flavour.

5. Work with what you’ve got

We’ve said it before. Add the ingredients you think are best for your smoothie and create different versions. But you do not need to buy new fruit or vegetables for this. Use what you have around you to create new combinations.

If you have any leftover smoothie once you have made it, you can use it again to make ice cream. You will surprise more than one person with this option, especially the kids. Who doesn’t like a good ice cream?

6. A perfectly healthy dessert

If your smoothie is part of a dessert, we recommend you leave it in the fridge after blending. Just before it is finished, take it out, and blend it again for a few seconds. This way the smoothie will be ready for you to finish the dessert.

Why do this? Because then the texture will be perfect to be able to finish it and it will be a guaranteed hit.

7. Make the most of your smoothie with good presentation.

Good presentation is everything. This original touch is sure to be a hit with anyone who sees it. You can choose different glasses with some cheerful decorations or different to what you usually use. Add decorations, paper straws, toppings, unique spoons and leftover pieces of fruit or pieces that you want to add. It will most certainly be a great surprise for anyone who tries it.

8. The blender

Believe it or not, a good blender is also very important for a perfect smoothie. Modern blenders have very powerful blades that allow you to crush even ice cubes in a matter of seconds. This means you can use frozen fruit to create the best recipe.

9. Last but not least

The last piece of advice we can give you is more about taking care of your tools. We know that sometimes cleaning a blender is no easy task, especially the blades. Here’s a little tip on how to clean it properly and still be able to make perfect smoothies. Once the blender has been used, add a little lukewarm water, covering the blades and not too hot as this could damage it. Add a little bit of soap, turn it on for 5-10 seconds and that’s it. Your blender will be sparkling clean and ready for another smoothie.


Try all our tips and enjoy a perfect smoothie. Share your results with us!

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Remember that you can also find all kinds of recipes and tips on our blog.

Look forward to seeing you all for our next post. Until next time!