Using freshly picked fruits and vegetables from the local farm for smoothies and shakes is undoubtedly the healthiest option. But when it’s unavailable, flash-frozen produce is the next best option; fresh fruits and vegetables are picked at the peak of harvest and individually flash-frozen to lock in the nutrients.


How fresh are the fruits and vegetables in stores?


Having fresh produce from the store is a different story. Fresh fruits and vegetables in supermarkets have been seen to spend up to a month in the chain of producers, from farmers to wholesalers to retailers, before we have access to it in stores. Studies show that the more time it spends from harvest before consumption, the less nutritional value we’ll get and the shorter shelf-life it has before it gets spoiled. And let’s admit it – sometimes, it’s still sitting in the fridge for a few more days or weeks before we get to eat it or have it for smoothies and meals. So, how much nutritional value are we left with?


The nutritional value of frozen fruits and vegetables is generally equal to, sometimes better than, fresh ones. (According to studies)


Fruits and vegetables are typically over 90% water. Once harvested, they begin to undergo higher respiration rates, resulting in moisture loss, quality deterioration, and microbial spoilage, which can further accelerate the spoilage process and lessen the nutritional value (1). According to an independent study commissioned by the British Frozen Food Federation, the nutritional value of frozen fruits and vegetables is generally equal to – and in some cases, better than the fresh ones.

Let’s not overthink getting flash-frozen fruits and vegetables for smoothies and shakes. Flash-frozen fruits and vegetables have the following proven benefits:

  • health benefits preserved through the flash-freezing technique
  • convenience all year round, regardless of seasonality
  • longer shelf-life helps us achieve zero waste products



Whom to trust when it comes to frozen fruits and vegetables supplies


The trust we give to our frozen fruit and vegetable suppliers is as valuable as our clients’ trust, ensuring their product quality and taste are maintained in providing what is needed. Just as thorough as we are in choosing ingredients, let’s be as selective with our suppliers.

Life Smoothies can be your trusted frozen solutions provider– Strategically located in the UAE with a direct relationship with local farmers in over 15 countries in the world’s best-growing regions in Southern America, Europe, and Asia. Life Smoothies’ firsthand experience of how the local farmers work and how they adhere to standard practices increases confidence in the quality of every product they bring.

With Life Smoothies, you know that the berries, mangos, bananas, and other fruits you choose for your smoothies and shakes are produced in the best way possible.

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(1) Antioxidants in Fresh and Frozen Fruit and Vegetables: Impact Study of Varying Storage Conditions. An independent study commissioned by the British Frozen Food Federation.