Who wouldn’t like to be on a beach enjoying a Tropi Colada by the sea? Everyone! We can’t take you physically to one of these paradises, but through the sense of taste we can at the very least make you taste this experience. We invite you to try one of the most popular Life Smoothies: our Tropi Colada smoothie, our sweetest smoothie. You just have to close your eyes and every sweet and refreshing sip will take you to one of these picture-postcard beaches creating a magical parenthesis in your routine.

Tropi Colada ingredients

As you know, at Life Smoothies, we believe that one of the key things that make the difference are the ingredients, that’s why we always use high quality fruits. Selected with the utmost care and frozen when they are perfectly ripe, so that you get delicious moments in a smoothie.

Tropi Colada contains three delicious fruits: banana, mango and coconut. The three together are an explosion of sensations: a mixture between sweet and refreshing, which will make you happy no matter how bad the day has been. Although it is not only a question of taste, the ingredients of this smoothie are also great for your health.

Tropi Colada


Few fruits are as complete as this one.

Defence for your body against bacteria

Its high level of vitamins generates a protective layer against bacteria, improving our immune system and increasing our body’s defence mechanism.

Great for losing weight

Bananas are filling, so they can help you avoid snacking between meals and stop you from choosing other less healthy options, such as more sugary products. This does not mean that you should follow a diet that heavily features bananas but adding it into your routine can bring you benefits.


Sweet tasting and creamy textured, mango is one of the reasons we love fruit. It also has numerous health benefits.

Improves your digestion

Its high fibre and water content helps promote proper digestion.

Protects eye health

Among many of its benefits, mangos stand out because they can improve your eye health. This is due to their zeaxanthin content and some of their antioxidants, which can prevent macular degeneration, one of the main causes of blindness in adults.

Prevents heart disease

Believe it or not, mangos help you reduce that excess body fat and manage the amount of sugar in our blood, which will help protect your heart from different diseases.


This fruit, which comes from one of the most widely grown plants in the world, the palm, is a nutritional treasure trove.


An isotonic drink with no processing or added sugars. It is a fruit low in fat and sugars that provides healthy calories, enhancing the body’s hydration.


Perfect for those times when you need an energy boost, which makes it ideal for adding to smoothies like Tropi Colada, don’t you think?


Two of the components of coconut are excellent natural antioxidants, selenium and zinc, which is why coconut is used for cosmetics and beauty products.


Now that we’ve told you all the benefits of our smoothie Tropi Colada, here’s how you can prepare it. You will see that it is really simple, and you will be able to start enjoying it in a matter of seconds.

Tropi colada

Your smoothie will come ready in a small bag that already contains everything you need.

The fruit will be pre-cut and washed so all have to do is open it, mix with the liquid you like and enjoy your drink.

Each bag contains the amount needed to make the smoothie taste perfect, so you don’t have to waste any fruit.

You can enjoy it all year round because our smoothies are available when you need them. This is because the fruit is cut at their best and is immediately frozen, allowing all their nutrients and vitamins to be retained.

We hope you try our Tropi Colada smoothie, our sweetest smoothie and enjoy it as much as we do. If you have any questions, you can find us on social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Share your creations and tag us!

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