Do you have a list of resolutions for 2022? We are really looking forward to this year with great excitement to achieve everything we have set out to do. We will make 2022 a great and healthy year by trying to achieve everything we want to do over the next twelve months.

If you are reluctant to make a list of resolutions for fear of not achieving all your goals, Life Smoothies gives you our list with the best tips and rewards to make the effort worthwhile and face the new year with our optimism.

Get out of our comfort zone

We start with perhaps the most ambitious challenge. Do you want to take your life in a new direction? This is your year! We suggest you start with a new haircut, buy that piece of clothing you didn’t dare buy at the time or treat your taste buds to new flavours. One of these crazy combinations could be our Banana & Salted Caramel Shake. It is a smoothie that mixes sweet and savoury flavours to surprise you and will surely become your favourite of the year. What are you waiting for?

Want to start afresh? 2022 is the year to achieve all your resolutions.

Do more exercise

It is the number 1 resolution on everyone’s lists, and it could not be missing from ours. We know that nowadays it is very difficult to balance social life, work and exercise. But, as we said before, with some effort it will be worth it.

Start small and reward yourself with sweet but healthy treats to make your exercise almost enjoyable. When doing your workout today, just think that when you get home, our delicious Raspberry Love banana and raspberry smoothie will be waiting to sweeten your day. You will definitely want to do it again the next day! It will be the best accompaniment after your exercise routine.

Want to start afresh? 2022 is the year to achieve all your resolutions.

Eat a healthier diet

After the resolution to do more exercise, comes the well-known “this year I’m really going to watch my diet”. We think that the hardest part is to keep it up over time.

The question is: Why view eating a healthy diet as a punishment instead of as a new lifestyle? Try different recipes, fruits and vegetables until you find the winning combination.

We give you the perfect smoothie for your new healthy life. If cooking is not your passion or if you are always busy, we recommend our Green Machine Smoothie. This green smoothie with spinach, broccoli, celery, mango and pineapple will give you the energy you need to face your day and is an appetizing, quick and tasty way to eat the fruit and vegetables that your body needs every day.

Want to start afresh? 2022 is the year to achieve all your resolutions.

Treat ourselves more and take care of ourselves

We often neglect ourselves and we need to take a break once in a while, to stop the whirlwind of life in which we find ourselves to take a step back and think about what we want or what we need. We know the world is moving so quickly that we barely have time to reflect. But at Life Smoothies we have made a commitment to ourselves this year, because for everything else to work we also need to be well. So, this 2022 let’s take care of ourselves and indulge in a few treats that will bring us happiness.

This is much easier while listening to your favourite music in the background and enjoying the delicious Cherry & Chocolate Shake. Who can resist the combination of cherry and chocolate? Don’t miss it because it’s the perfect mix and match.

Start the year off right with Life Smoothies. And do you already have your list of new year’s resolutions ready? Would you add any other resolution? We think that one that cannot be left out is: ‘try the full range of Life Smoothies flavours’ 😉