Life Apple Juice

Life Apple Juice

Introducing Life apple juice, the perfect complement to Life Smoothies’ pre-portioned frozen smoothie mixes. Each box contains 12 one-liter (1L) packs of perfectly produced products, ensuring a consistent supply for all your business needs.

100% Natural

Our apple juice is a testament to quality and authenticity, made with 100% natural ingredients sourced from the lush orchards of Egypt. We take pride in delivering a product that captures the unmistakable taste of fresh apples, providing a natural and refreshing experience with every sip.

Refreshing Taste

Our apple juice is crafted with great care to provide a refreshing and light flavor, making it an ideal base for your Life Smoothies or a delightful standalone beverage. Whether blended or enjoyed independently, Life Juice Apple Juice enhances any experience with its crisp and refreshing taste.

No Added Sugar

Life apple juice stands out with its commitment to health-conscious choices. With no added sugar, we let the natural sweetness of the apples take center stage, making it an excellent choice for those who crave a refreshing beverage without compromising on flavor.

1-Year Shelf Life

For your convenience, each pack comes with a one-year shelf life, ensuring that you can stock up with confidence, knowing that the premium quality of Life Juice Apple Juice will remain intact for an extended period.

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