Welcome to Life Smoothies. We are specialist supplier and distributor of delicious, easy to sell, IQF smoothies throughout the UAE

Welcome to Life Smoothies. We are specialist supplier and distributor of delicious, easy to sell, IQF smoothies. We supply our incredible fruit and vegetable smoothies to cafes, hotels, restaurants, schools, gyms, catering companies and food trucks throughout the UAE. We create 100% natural smoothies with amazing flavors and we provide outstanding customer service.

We make our smoothies from flash frozen IQF unpasteurized fruit so they retain the taste, goodness, vitamins, and minerals of freshly picked fruit. Every smoothie sachet from Life Smoothies contains the highest quality fruit that has been grown naturally in the open air, harvested, washed, cleaned, prepared and rapidly frozen within a few hours of picking.

How to make the perfect smoothies.

Life Smoothies is the leading distributor and supplier of 100% natural IQF smoothies in the UAE. They taste so good.

Our 100% natural fruit and vegetable Smoothies are available in 9 different flavors. There are no added sugar, preservatives or colorings of any kind. Our smoothies contain the nutrients, texture and taste of fresh fruit. We never dilute our smoothies with water, ice or other fillers, nor do we use cheaper, cooked fruit purees or concentrates.

Our smoothies are made simply from fresh pieces of whole fruit and fruit juice.

The result is a delicious, fresher tasting smoothie with more fruit and more vitamins and minerals.
Our mission is to bring authentic smoothies of extraordinary flavour directly to your business.


Deliver 6 days a week

Free menus, P.O.S. & marketing support

100% Customer satisfaction

Great for your Health – Great for your business

Each smoothie from Life Smoothies is packed into a sachet that contains a unique combination of IQF fruits or vegetables, mixed in exactly the best proportions and quantities to prepare a large size, amazingly delicious smoothie.

We’ve made it incredibly easy for any food and drink service retailer to prepare and serve a 100% natural, freshly made smoothie – in about the time it takes to make a coffee.

No more cutting fruit, no more waste – and the margins on one of our IQF Smoothies are better than any other soft beverage.

We invite you to join the Life Smoothie Revolution – and maximise your margins from day one. Our aim is to be your personal smoothie supplier.

We hope you will be a lifelong customer and so we will treat you that way.

100% Real fruit & vegetable smoothies

Freshly made in just 30 seconds

No added sugar or artificial ingredients

  • Delicious, real fruit & vegetable Smoothies, freshly made in 30 seconds.
  • Multi-award winning Smoothie recipes packed into ready-to-use sachets.
  • No added sugar, preservatives, colourings or artificial ingredients.
  • Bursting with vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.
  • Flash frozen IQF technology locks in the natural goodness of the fruit.