Welcome to Life Smoothies UAE, the leading distributor and supplier of easy-to-make, 100% Natural IQF Healthy Smoothies

Welcome to Life Smoothies Dubai, UAE, the leading distributor and supplier of easy-to-make, 100% Natural IQF Healthy Smoothies. We distribute our amazing vegetable and fruit smoothies to cafe, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, gyms, catering companies and food trucks across the UAE. We produce a 100% Natural vegetable and fruit smoothie from

incredible award-winning recipes while offering at the same time an outstanding customer service. Our premium high-quality fruit and vegetables are 100% pure, harvested at their ripest and flash frozen to lock in all the nutrition and taste. There are no preservatives and no added sugar, so rest assured that your clients are having a healthy real fruit smoothie every day.

How to make the perfect smoothies.

Life Smoothies UAE is the leading distributor and supplier of 100% natural IQF Healthy Smoothies

Our easy to make fruit smoothies are available in 9 delicious combinations. We offer you a freshfruit smoothie as healthy and sweet as nature intended, without adding sugar, colorings or preservatives. Our healthy smoothies are not made from cooked fruit purees, pulps or concentrates nor do we dilute them with ice, water or any other fillers.

As a result, your clients will receive a delicious real fruit smoothie packed with vitamins and minerals.

Life Smoothies Dubai is committed to bringing you an authentic fresher tasting smoothie of incredible flavor directly to your business.


Deliver 6 days a week

Free menus, P.O.S. & marketing support

100% Customer satisfaction

Good for your health – Excellent for your business

Life Smoothies UAE brings you a real fruit smoothie packed in individual per-portioned sachets, which contain a delicious combination of IQF fruits and vegetables, mixed in the adequate proportion to prepare a large size healthy fruit smoothie.

We have made it very easy for any food and beverage business to prepare and offer a 100% natural, freshly blended smoothie in less than 30

seconds. No more washing, peeling, chopping, slicing or washing of fruit, providing at the same time better profit margins than any other healthy beverage.

Join the Life Smoothies revolution and increase your profit margins exponentially from day one.

Life Smoothies UAE’s goal is to have you as alifelong client and we will treat you that way.

100% Real fruit & vegetable smoothies

Freshly made in just 30 seconds

No added sugar or artificial ingredients

  • Delicious, real fruit & vegetable Smoothies, freshly made in 30 seconds.
  • Multi-award winning Smoothie recipes packed into ready-to-use sachets.
  • No added sugar, preservatives, colourings or artificial ingredients.
  • Bursting with vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.
  • Flash frozen IQF technology locks in the natural goodness of the fruit.