Smoothies are one of those rare few eatables that fit the bill; they are tasty, sweet, easy to make and completely healthy. Rarely do you find such things that seem too perfect to be true. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What really increases the wow factor of smoothies is that there is such a huge range of them that you can never be bored with them. When you won’t be bored, you won’t crave for more.

The reason why most diets fail is that the world we live in today has offered such a huge variety of foods, each more delicious than the previous, up until the moment we go on diets, that the moment we do, we become brutally aware of what we are missing. That separation anxiety that comes from separation from tasty food becomes much more torturing when we eat bland food or the same food for days. That’s why smoothies are so popular amongst fitness junkies; smoothies are customizable, meaning you can mix any number and combination of fruits and veggies together, add yogurt, put all in a blender, and still manage to whip up a delicious and healthy smoothie. This is possible since there are literally thousands of fruits, vegetables and ingredients, which means every day you can enjoy a new kind of smoothie and avoid boredom.

There are nearly a thousand smoothie recipes available on the internet. We have compiled a list of few smoothie recipes that are so delicious, that they can make your hunger vanish like a magic trick. Read on:

  1. Banana-Almond Protein Smoothie: As the name suggests, this super smoothie is packed with proteins in the form of bananas and almonds, and is a tasty delight that can keep you filled for hours.
  2. Pineapple Banana Smoothies: If you crave sugar, the best substitute is a freshly made pineapple-banana smoothie. These fruit smoothies are best to replace sweet stuff as they are natural sweeteners, but in any case, any fresh and ripe fruit may also do the trick.
  3. Peaches & Cream Smoothie: Many a times, we feel an unexplained need for something creamy, like cheese or full-fat yogurt. The best option here would be to whip up a smooth Peaches & Cream Smoothie.
  4. Banana Oat Smoothie: Oats are high-fibrous material, meaning they are extremely filling. One can really use this ever popular breakfast option, especially if you have a sudden hankering for carbs.
  5. Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Tropical Smoothie: Adequate amounts of proteins are very important during weight loss. The ginger and cayenne in this particular smoothie have the ability to not only make you feel full, but also perk up your calorie-burning ability.

So, the next time you feel like cheating on your diet, remember that you have a loyal friend by your side, a delicious and healthy smoothie which is so versatile, that it can dissipate any kind of craving, in minutes.