All times are good, but in this post we will give you a list of the best.

Any time is a good time to enjoy a good smoothie, and if it is Life Smoothies than even better. Lovers of this drink can enjoy it at all times of the day, but it is true that each one has its favourite slot. To start the day right with a good taste in your mouth, as a mid-morning snack, to add a sweet and refreshing touch after a meal, as an accompaniment to lunch, as an afternoon snack, as dinner to say goodbye to the day…The options are endless and all are correct.

Why is it a perfect drink for any time of the day?

  • Very easy to prepare!

The businesses that sell Life Smoothies make them in three simple steps. All they need is a blender, one of our fruit combinations and a few seconds, as we have mentioned in another post on this blog.

  • You can take them anywhere!

No need for utensils or Tupperware. If you are not going to drink it right away, you just need a well-sealed cup to take it anywhere with you. Something that comes in handy for the fast pace of life today, where sometimes we don’t even have time to stop to eat.

  • Because they are refreshing!

 When it’s hot it’s best to hydrate with a cool drink. Can you think of anything better than a smoothie?

This list could go on, but we are not going to deviate from the main purpose of the post, which is to talk about some of the perfect times to enjoy Life Smoothies.

To start the day right

For those in a hurry, for those who say they never have time to make a good breakfast or for those who simply want to start the day with a good taste in their mouth and a very nutritious drink. For all of you, Life Smoothies is a great option. While on your way to work or your school, stop by one of the many businesses that sell our products and drink it there or ask for it to go.

Take a break and feel energised!

That moment between breakfast and lunch, when our energy is already beginning to fade, and our body needs a little boost. It is mid-morning and your body needs a smoothie. What’s a good option? Here’s a list of our best-selling fruit and vegetable combinations.

At lunchtime

Another advantage of smoothies is their versatility. So, when it comes to lunch you can enjoy it both as a main drink, to accompany a solid dish, or as a sweet and refreshing dessert. You decide! You can also choose both.

In the afternoon

For both children and adults. Before going to extracurricular activities, on the way to the gym, to drink in the park… Our combinations are an ideal option for adults and children to have a little fruit and get some energy in this last stretch of the day, as well as enjoying a unique flavour.

Dinner, the end of the day.

Except for those who work at night, dinner is that final moment of the day, which we use to relax and enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet. We are often tired when we reach this time of the day and with little desire to cook anything complicated. In this case, you already know that Life Smoothies make it very easy for you. Say goodbye to the day as you deserve!

If you are a regular consumer of our products tell us what your perfect time of the day is. But if you like them as much as we do, it will be hard for you to choose just one.