There is a clear focus in this post: our smoothie Raspberry Love. We would like to tell you about this smoothie that is as pleasing for its colour as it is for its flavour. When we say that all palates love this smoothie, it is because it combines several flavours that give it a great balance: not quite sweet and not quite bitter. It is the perfect combination.

If you haven’t tried it yet, after reading what we’ll share below, it is sure to become your favourite.

Raspberry Love: a blend of flavours

Our Raspberry Love smoothie combines several flavours. It is made for when you fancy something sweet, but not too sweet. This is achieved thanks to the raspberry, which, although its taste tends to be sweet and sour, can be eaten raw without being too bitter. This velvety fruit also gives it an exquisite aroma, which your sense of smell will love.

Blueberries are also another fruit you can find in our Raspberry Love. These berries, which belong to the forest fruits family, are dark blue in colour, which gives the smoothie its unique colour. Like all the fruit in our products, the blueberries are picked and frozen when they are perfectly ripe, which, together with our preparation tips, helps the fruit retain its vitamins and benefits.

In complete contrast, is the banana flavour in this smoothie. This is the fruit that adds that sweet touch to our smoothie. Plus, its smooth and soft texture makes it easy to make your smoothie bowl. Don’t be put off by the amount of sugar in a banana. They are good sugars, and we don’t let the fruit fully ripen, avoiding a high sugar content. The banana is frozen at the perfect time to maintain high levels of antioxidants and its high fibre content.

Raspberry Love, the smoothie that all palates love

When to drink your Raspberry Love

All of our smoothies are made to be enjoyed at any time of the day. But if we had to pick a time, we would pick the evening, after a day at the beach, for example. It will help to cool you down and hydrate you after being in the sun.

But it’s also a perfect smoothie to enjoy for an evening at the cinema in any of the 6 Reels Cinemas in Dubai. In a nutshell, it is a smoothie to complement any plans you may have this summer.

Did you know that its flavours can also “teleport” you? Discover the destinations and how you can travel through our smoothies.