In countries all around the world, the consumption of frozen products has increased significantly in recent years. The many benefits they offer along with the limited spare time in today’s busy pace of life, makes this a great option for many people. In addition, over time, many studies and specialists have done much to break down the false myths that surrounded this type of product.

Fruit is certainly one of the foods that is best suited to this method of preservation, as its frozen version provides many benefits over fresh versions. In this post, we’ll explain some of its advantages. All Life Smoothies smoothies are made up of frozen fruit and vegetable combinations. In this post we’re tell you some of the benefits.

alt_frozen fruit



More convenient! No need to wash, cut, or peel.

One of the main benefits of frozen fruit compared to fresh are to do with saving time and greater convenience. Most frozen fruit comes ready to eat – all you have to do is open your freezer, take it out and wait for it to defrost. Being unwilling to do the steps prior to this (such as washing, cutting and peeling) is one of the barriers to people eating fruit. And with frozen fruit, it’s not an issue. This is a very important aspect for individual consumers, but even more so for professionals in the hotel and catering industry, where profit margins go up if production time is reduced. As we explained in another post on this blog, Life Smoothies offers a range of facilities to hospitality businesses.

Your favourite fruit all year round.

Another barrier that frozen fruit breaks down is that of time. Thanks to this preservation method, you can enjoy your favourite seasonal products all year round. Do you run a hotel business? Think of the potential options that this offers you – such as putting your customers’ favourite products on your menus regardless of the season and the high cost of out-of-season products.

alt_frozen strawberries

 At its best.

The fruit is harvested at its optimum moment of ripeness and, in the case of Life Smoothies, is washed, cleaned, prepared and frozen within 24 hours. You will therefore be able to eat it at its best, with all its freshness and texture that fresh fruit has often lost by the time it gets to your table.

Same nutritional value as fresh fruit.

This is one of the false myths that goes around about frozen foods. Fruit when frozen retains all the properties, vitamins and minerals of fresh fruit – something that is very important for consumers’ health.

alt_frozen cherry

Very resistant to the passage of time!

One of the main disadvantages of fresh fruit is that it goes off quickly which means you need to go to the supermarket more frequently to replenish your fruit bowl or fridge. This is not the case with frozen fruit, which can often be kept in the freezer for up to one year (there are exceptions).

As you can see, frozen fruit offers many advantages, both for your business and for private consumption. If you would like to know about Life Smoothies fruits and vegetables or would like more information about our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we will be happy to assist you: +971 52 392 1761 / [email protected]..