We know that there are still some summer days left, but September is usually synonymous with getting back into the routine and the end of the holidays for many. It is also often the time when we look back and remember those resolutions we still have to keep before the end of the year.

Because summer is a time to enjoy, and although we like to continue taking care of ourselves, for example, by drinking our refreshing smoothies, these are also the days when we tend to deviate a little. Perhaps you have exercised less than usual, or enjoyed different, delicious, but less healthy meals. The most important thing is also to enjoy yourself!

So, if this speaks to you, don’t worry. If you read on, you’ll see that our tips can help you get off to the best start as you go back to work or school.

Exercising from less to more

This advice, above all, is aimed at those who have stopped a bit of physical activity and have been spending more time resting. Well done! But it’s time to get the body up to speed.

Our body has a memory, and that’s the good thing about having kept an exercise routine throughout the year. Even so, we recommend that you start from less to more so you do not end up worn out and also to avoid unwanted injuries. However, if you’re going to start exercising after the holidays, it’s never too late! We also recommend that you start off slowly so that you can stick to the routine and not tire yourself out too much.

It is always good to keep hydrated and have your energy up to full strength before exercising. Our Green Machine smoothie will help boost your energy thanks to its fruit and vegetables, so don’t wait any longer and add it to your diet! 😊

Welcome September smoothies healthy resolutions

Organise your daily meals

Another important point to bear in mind is how little time we have when we come back off holiday. Eating out often becomes one of our favourite activities: trying different foods, tasting other cultures or enjoying delicious desserts.

To organise your daily meals and continue taking care of yourself, we recommend that you do a weekly shopping for what you need and plan what you are going to eat. This will help you to take care of yourself more and to avoid raiding the fridge or throwing food away, because if you buy too much food it can go bad.

For your weekly menus, we recommend you bear in mind the wide variety of smoothies we have, which will allow you to enjoy different flavours every day. You can buy them at any of our distribution centres. As well as taking care of yourself, you’ll enjoy their incredible flavour!

Plan your activities

We want to get a lot done in less time, so we recommend you dust off your diary and start setting schedules. For example, taking up your favourite activity again, meeting up with friends or family you haven’t seen in a long time, or simply taking time to yourself. It is better to organise all your activities so that you don’t get overwhelmed by not having enough time.

One thing you’re probably looking forward to is going back to the cinema with your friends. Remember, if you decide to go, you can enjoy our fresh smoothies at any of the ‘Reels Cinema’ in Dubai. This way you can continue to take care of yourself while watching a great film – all pluses!

Welcome September smoothies healthy resolutions

We hope these tips will help you to start off September in the best way possible. And as there are still a few hot days left, why not discover different refreshing and fun ways to drink your smoothie for the rest of the summer.