Here at Life Smoothies we are delighted to announce a new product that you will love and that is joining our family: our new Shakes! They are healthy, full of flavour and, of course, delicious.

Our Shakes are pre-measured and flavoured with real ingredients, just like our smoothies. They come in 150 g sachets of frozen fruit and ingredients using the IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) system to freeze the fruit within the first 24 hours. This way, we can enjoy seasonal fruit all year round without losing their vitamins, antioxidants or minerals and without having to add preservatives, colourings or added sugar. It retains all the flavour, nutrients and benefits of fresh fruit.

Let’s introduce you to each of them, meet our new and delicious Shakes!

Cherry & Chocolate

Do you love the sweet bitterness of dark chocolate? Then you will love this Shake for sure, because it has that characteristic and delicious flavour, but also that little bit of sweetness with the cherry. This fruit goes perfectly with chocolate and is widely used in desserts like cakes, pies, jams, sorbets… and in our Shake! They are also well-liked by adults, and especially by children, so you will love it no matter your age.

Introducing our new Shakes

Our Cherry & Chocolate is a chocolate turned milkshake, so it will be a real pleasure for your senses and is a must-try… we highly recommend it!

Banana & Salted Caramel

This delicious Shake is extra tempting because it combines the sweetness and nutritional properties of banana with the powerful flavour of caramel. You have to try this special and delicious mix!

Introducing our new Shakes

Depending on its ripeness, the banana can taste more or less sweet. We pick it at just the right moment, so we get the best balance of flavour. The contrast of this Shake is found in the salted caramel. There are many recipes that use this type of sweet and savoury combinations, for example, cheese with honey or balsamic vinegar. It makes this Shake taste very special, sophisticated and delicious; it is a real treat!

Strawberry & White Chocolate

Have you tried combining strawberry with delicious white chocolate? If you haven’t yet, we’ll make it for you. If you love both ingredients, you must try our Shake.

Introducing our new Shakes

That’s why the strawberry flavour could not be amiss. It is a fruit that is seen as a natural sweet and we think it is loved by everyone. It also adds a colour that catches your attention, especially the eye. This fruit combines the acidic to the very characteristic sweet, and if you include its scent, they make this Shake a pleasure for all five senses.


We could not leave out this special flavour. Both for its smell and taste, vanilla is a widely used ingredient in baking. And due to its aroma, it is also used in perfumes, candles and home air fresheners. It is a very versatile ingredient that you will love to try in this Shake.

Introducing our new Shakes

As you can see, we have created some irresistible flavours for our new product. We hope you can try them soon and let us know which one becomes your favourite. We can’t wait!