Have you ever heard of chromotherapy with food? Our smoothies, as well as being delicious and full of nutrients, are a pleasure to look at because they are full of colour and life. So, you can practice some chromotherapy with our smoothies, and it will be another perfectly unique way to take care of yourself.

Chromotherapy is about taking care of yourself by focusing on the pigments that give food some colour, such as in this case fruit and vegetables, because they have a protective function for the body. But also, colours produce in us sensations that help our body and mind, by influencing our mood and feelings.

This technique has been studied in psychology and can be applied in other fields, for example, in marketing, in film and even in decorating spaces, looking for different environments and sensations.

Want to discover what each colour of our smoothies hides? Then read on 😊

Tropi Colada: White or light colours

In general, the colour white is said to bring light, transparency, peace and harmony; but it also brings security and honesty. It is a positive and healthy colour, as there are many foods that are white on the inside or outside and are delicious and rich in potassium and antioxidants.

White is not the absence of colour, but in fact it has about 67 different shades. And although our Tropi Colada smoothie is not completely white, it contains foods such as coconut and banana, which tend to be light foods, so it falls within this colour and its qualities.

The coconut in our Tropi Colada is a fruit with antioxidant properties, regulates blood pressure and is rich in fibre and minerals. The banana also has high nutritional properties, which makes this smoothie a great choice to start taking care of yourself. 😉

Chromotherapy with your smoothies

Green Machine: Green colour

The colour green represents nature and hope, but it is also related to health. Many foods, especially vegetables, are green, and are generally rich in potassium, vitamins and folic acid.

In our case, the Green Machine smoothie, is made with spinach, celery and broccoli, which is what gives it its green colour and makes it a nutritionally super smoothie.

Chromotherapy with your smoothies

Strawberry Split: Red colour

The colour red represents energy, warmth and has a life-giving component, because it is the colour of our blood. Many foods also contain this natural pigment because they are rich in antioxidants and help circulation, memory and play an important role in protecting the skin.

Our Strawberry Split smoothie has this reddish colour due to the strawberries, cherries and papaya in it. Together with banana, they make this smoothie delicious and even addictive. That’s why the colour red is also a symbol of caution, because once you try our smoothie you won’t want to stop drinking it, you’ll love it! 😉

Chromotherapy with your smoothies

Acai Kick and Raspberry Love: Purple colour

This colour is a symbol of elegance and spirituality, as well as luxury. It is related to the world of dreams, imagination and promotes creativity. Eating foods of this colour, such as blueberries, helps anti-ageing, which is perhaps why it is so widely used in children’s food.

Our Acai Kick and Raspberry Love smoothies have such a characteristic colour thanks to this small fruit rich in properties. The height of luxury! 😉

Chromotherapy with your smoothies

Mango Paradise and Caribbean Kiss: Orange and yellow colours

These colours are mainly found in citrus fruits and symbolise fun and energy. Fruits such as mango, melon and pineapple in our smoothies are rich in vitamins and minerals, which will fill you with the strength and energy to start the day right.

Chromotherapy with your smoothies

Now that you know the meaning behind the colours, discover which is your favourite fruit and we’ll tell you the perfect smoothie for you.