Life Smoothies’ new Shakes are this year’s next big thing. They have four different flavours and are suited to all tastes and palates. Whether you like more or less sweet flavours, once you’ve tried them all, there’s sure to be one that will become your favourite. If you’ve already tried them, we’d love to hear your experience – leave us a comment telling us what you think!

If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy them yet, here are 5 reasons why you should try our Shakes, take note!

Always healthy

Both the fruit in our smoothies and the fruit in our Shakes retain all their nutritional properties. This is thanks to shock freezing, where once the ripe fruit has been picked, we use IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) without pasteurisation to ensure it is packed full of flavour and nutrients. A super effective way of keeping the fruit in perfect condition.

These are the fruits hidden in our Shakes:

  • Cherries: In season in spring and summer, are high in vitamins and potassium and help against ageing.
  • Banana: Great source of fibre that helps our digestive system.
  • Strawberries: Improve our defences this winter and are detoxifying and diuretic.

5 Reasons to try our new Shakes!

Shakes are another alternative to continue enjoying your favourite fruit all year round and alternate them with our smoothies. Aren’t they great?

They are packed full of flavour

When you are taking care of yourself, and enjoying doing so, it’s an amazing feeling. That’s why you’ll love drinking our Shakes, without feeling guilty.

Our Cherry & Chocolate has all the flavour of this fun fruit, to which we also add the flavour of chocolate. A real treat in the form of a Shake, you’ll feel like you’re enjoying a delicious dessert.

Vanilla lovers are in luck, because you’ve now found your favourite Shake, our Vanilla Mix. As well as its flavour, it will win you over with its great aroma.

Like salted caramel? Our Banana & Salted Caramel is one of the most unique because it mixes very intense flavours and is full of contrasts. You must try it!

5 Reasons to try our new Shakes!

And finally, our Strawberry & White Chocolate. It is a very unique taste that appeals to people of all ages.

By now we must have convinced you, but read on and we’ve got even more reasons 😉

The sweet treat of the daymilk

There are times when our body asks for certain flavours, we want to enjoy sweeter foods more than savoury ones and vice versa. That’s why our Shakes can be that delicious, sweet treat to indulge in, while still taking care of yourself.

At any time of the day

They are suitable for any time of the day because their flavours are delicious. For example, some people prefer to eat fruit and sweeter foods such as pastries for breakfast. It is best to do this only every now and again, because they do not contain a lot of nutrients. So, if you want to start your day full of energy, it’s best to try one of our Shakes with your usual piece of fruit and a good cup of coffee.

It can also be a perfect dessert after meals. But you’ll definitely love to try them as an afternoon snack. This is perhaps the time of day when we indulge the most, either because we are just finishing a long day at work or because we have been to the gym. Whatever the time, they are the perfect accompaniment throughout the day.

Wherever you choose

Just like our smoothies, our Shakes are made to be enjoyed wherever you prefer. You can find them at any of our distributors. Visit your nearest one!

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